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 Light Meter – Uses of Light meter in Mechanical Industries

Light Meter – Uses of Light meter in Mechanical Industries

Generally a light can be measured with the help of a light sensor the unit of light is measured as Lux, lumens, Candle light. In old photography which is using films we can use these light meters to sense the amount of light to focus on the object. But here technically in NDT. We are using the light meter to check the light level on the area which must be inspected.

light meter Related with Photography

Initially why a light level should be measured all we can start from earlier period light is very much needed to film photography. To over Exposure of light or lesser Exposure of light the image may subject to get blacked or white bleached. when enough amount of light is focus on the object means we can take normal photo basically the light can be measure in Lux with a Normal light meter when focusing a camera the must be check with help of a light meter.

If the atmosphere’s light is enough then we don’t need to have an artificial light source but when in indoor photography the light must be checked and then only we can get a proper image.

In traditional Methods the Light can be Measured in Candle Light Unit 1 candle light is capable to cover 1 sq. ft. then Generation grown up it is Measure in lux, means 1 candle light is equal to 1 Lux.

    1 candle = cover 1 sq.ft.

    1 lux = 1 candle

here also we can measure the light level of projector and the Vehicle Head light in the Unit of Lumens in

          1000 lumen

          2000 lumen

          3000 lumen

but this term is used for commercial purposes so it can be easily understood by consumers.

Here is the importance of light meters in our industrial environment also for photography and Cinematography. Basically the light is very much needed and to measure the light level the light meter is used.

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