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What is a penetrant?
A lot more things to know about penetrant.
A Penetrant is a color Die which having penetrating ability into cracks on the surface of the material.
A good penetrant should have the basic properties like Viscosity, Surface Tension, wetting ability,
Specific gravity, Volatility, Flash Point, Solubility, Ability, to spread or creep
Tolerance to contaminants less Toxicity Odor / Freedom from skin irritation
tendencies Inertness or non-corrosiveness washing ability.
Here are discussing about how a penetrant can be checked.
To check Flash point pour the penetrant in a thermo flash container and heat it for a
specific period of time and place a thermometer to find reading when the
thermometer reaches 90 degree Celsius flash it with small lighter. If it catches the
flash then that temperature noted as flash point.
To Check Viscosity fill the penetrant in the viscos meter if it is more than 0.6Cp
Centipoise then it is the normal penetrant.
To check surface tension it can be measured by wetting ability and contact angle experiment. When
it reaches below than 90 degree then it has high wetting abilities
To measure the toxicity we used check the dosage of toxic substance added with our penetrant also
controlled in odor level.

Narrated by : Saravanan – MEC

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