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Professional Training

Professional Training Courses

MEC Commission is Specially Designed the All-Technical Training Courses for Mechanical
Engineers to understand the basic concepts of engineering and get their dream job. Our Updated Curriculum is belonged to the Industrial Standards which is helping the engineers to step their foot and survive in the core Industries

NDT training in coimbatore

CQI - Certified Quality Inspector (as Per ASME – American Society for Mechanical Engineers) – 45 Days

  1. Codes & Standards
  2. Documentations
  3. Welding
  4. Fabrication
  5. Piping
  6. NDT
  7. Inspection Technique
  8. Technical Calculations
  9. Instrument Handling
  10. Heat Treatments
  11. Drawing

Advanced NDT - Non Destructive Testing (As Per ASNT) – 90 Days

PAUT – Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

IRIS – Internal Rotary Inspection System

ET – Eddy Current Testing

RFET – Rare Field Eddy Current Testing

CDE - Certified Design Engineer (as Per Industrial Standards) – 45 Days

Auto – CAD

Solid Works


Conventional NDT- Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT Level 2 Certification) – 30 Days

UT – Ultrasonic Testing

MPT – Magnetic Practical Testing

PT – Penetrant Testing

RT – Radiography Testing

VT – Visual Testing

RTFI – Radiography Test Film Interpretation

NDT Training Institute in Coimbatore​

The NDT mean Non- Destructive Testing, is the method that involves global standards in inspecting a material’s physical and chemical properties and finding out defects normally in surface and sub surfaces. To inspect a material using this technique an needs training with proper documentation. The NDT Training Institute in Coimbatore offers world-class training in nondestructive testing. The method is followed by a Technician who considers a level I who perform the testing. And a trained Level II supervisor needed to follow and record the testing process and then document the result. Then, when all the procedures compete here, we need approval for the result. For that, we need Level III as an authoriser.

The level II NDT Course Online In Coimbatore that we offer is for engineers who already have a basic understanding of inspection and want to learn how to record and document the testing results. The Manchester Engineers Centre is one of the Best NDT Training Institute In Coimbatore.

However, we provide the best training in NDT’s best six methods which is standard for a basic level inspection. We also provide advanced NDT methods such as Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing PAUT and Internal Rotary Inspection System IRIS.

In Improving the Standard in the NDT Course. We also provide Qa Qc Course For Mechanical Engineer In Coimbatore, which involves the standards in welding, welding Position, welding process classification, piping ASME b31.1, b31.3. Pressure vessel manufacturing in standard as per ASME Sec I, Sec IV, Sec VIII. The NDT & QA/QC Course duration is 40 working days.

In the Initial 20 working days, you can learn NDT Course In Coimbatore then in the next 20 working days, you will learn QA/QC Course.

We also Concentrate on Inspection Service for the Company, which demands standard inspection Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, and Ultrasonic Testing. In all Products, which are in the form of Casting, Welding, Piping, Pressure Vessel & Storage Vessel. Which is Pre-machined or Machine? Suppose you want any service regarding these NDT Inspection methods. Then we can make the arrangements with prior acknowledgement, then we do the testing process and record the result documents those results as per standard.