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 Vernier Scale

Vernier Scale

In the running world, all the industries are giving heavy competition to Quality. 

To achieve the high quality, we need accurate dimensions of the materials.

To achieve accurate dimensions, we need high accuracy device to measure it.

That high accuracy device is Vernier scale

It is an instrument used for measuring linear and angular measurements.

Why do we need to go for Vernier scale?

It is a million dollar question; we have a measuring tape, steel ruler, measuring scale for that purpose. 

Because it has, an accuracy higher than other does measuring instruments.

It has a Least Count of 0.01mm.

It means it can measure a material with dimensions 25.4mm, 304.8mm, 914.4mm, 25.01mm, 25.02mm, and 25.03mm.

We cannot manufacture a material with 100% accurate dimension.

It has some tolerance.

With the help of vernier scale, we can easily measure the dimensions of the material.

Least count of vernier scale =0.01mm or 0.001cm.

1cm =10mm

1mm =1/10 cm =0.1cm

For the Analog vernier scale, the Least count is 0.02mm or 0.002cm.

For the Digital vernier scale, the Least count is 0.01mm or 0.001cm.

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